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About Us

Adamstown New Lambton Athletics club runs athletics for ages from three up to seniors.

Where and when do we compete?

We compete at Alder Park in Bridges Rd, New Lambton.

Our competition nights are Fridays from 5.15pm. Our Tiny Tots age group (those turning four or five in 2023) usually finish around 6.30pm.  Older age groups may finish as late as 7.30pm, depending on the events that are run.

Our season in 2022/23 will run from 14th October 2022 until mid-March 2023.

Who can compete?

All athletes of all abilities are welcome.  Our Tiny Tots program includes children turning four or five in the year after each season starts. Athletes from Under 6 to Under 17 will be registered with Little Athletics NSW, with older athletes being registered with Athletics NSW.  There is no maximum age.

How much does it cost?

Our fees for 2022-23 are

  • $145 for Tiny Tots
  • $150 for Under 6 to Under 17
  • $165 for senior athletes.

We accept NSW Government Active Kids vouchers.

Uniforms are $30 an item, with a choice of singlets, crop tops, shorts and bike pants.

What events are run?

Tiny Tots do a play training program which teaches basic athletics skills.  Many of these skills are also vital for other sports.

For all other athletes we run a rotating five week program that covers a range of athletics events, including:

  • Running races of varying distance
  • Shot Put
  • Discus
  • Long Jump
  • High Jump (Under 9s and up)
  • Triple Jump (Under 11s and up)
  • Javelin (Under 11s and up)

How can I register?

You can register for Little Athletics (up to Under 17s) on the Little Athletics NSW website. If you have registered before you should use the same log on details as last year. You can sign up there if you do not yet have an account.

Athletes over 17, or those wishing to dual register with Athletics NSW can do so on the Athletics NSW Website.


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