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Some coaching is provided by the club at Alder Park however there is no requirement to attend. Many children do no training at all while others seek out their own coaches. Numerous different coaches offer training at various locations including the Hunter Sports Centre at Glendale on various afternoons.

Walks Coaching

The Walk event is an extremely technical event. Unfortunately disqualifications are the norm for competitors right through to Olympic level. Many would have seen disqualifications in the recent Olympic coverage and the associated distress that can cause. The leading foot is required to strike the ground heel first with the knee locked until it passes under the body and two feet cannot be off the ground at the same time. The Walk as an athletic event has little resemblance to the everyday walking that most people do. What would pass as a fast walk off the track would in many cases constitute running in the Walk event.

It is not unusual for disqualifications to occur at our club, especially in the early stages of the season for the U/9 groups. These groups tend to get a bit carried away and become overly concerned with coming first. We are not trying to be harsh however we do need to guide the children towards the correct requirements for all events. To leave obvious poor technique go unchecked would be similar to allowing the children to step out of the ring to throw the shot or discus or step over the board in the long jump or false start in the track events. It is also not fair to those that do attempt the correct technique.

All we ask in this event is that the correct technique is at least attempted. Whether the technique is actually mastered or not is not really a consideration for us as long as a genuine attempt is made. It is also the case that at higher level competition (Zone, Regional, State) the technical requirements are scrutinised heavily by a number of judges positioned around the track so we need to ensure our athletes are prepared for this.


If you are seeking any coaching, please Contact the Committe.