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Zone Championships

Zone Program 2019

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Zone Parent Duties 2019

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ANLAC has again won the Port Hunter Zone aggregate point score in 2019. Congratulations to all athletes!


General Information

The 2019 Port Hunter Zone Championships will this year be held at Vi Barnett Field - Raymond Terrace on the weekend of 30th November and 1st of December 2019. Entry is FREE and open to age groups from U/7 to U/17. The Zone Championships is the first step for athletes looking to participate in representative competition. The top 3 athletes in each event at the Zone Championships automatically qualify for the Regional Championships, where athletes can then qualify to represent the Region at the State Championships. Note U7 athletes do not progress past the Zone Championships.

To be allowed to compete at the Zone Championships and beyond, all athletes must be wearing the approved ANLAC uniform with registration number, age patch and Coles patch correctly positioned. This will be checked by officials at the Zone Carnival prior to any athlete competing.

Our Club, like all clubs attending the Zone Championships, is required by the Port Hunter Zone Committee to provide assistance in the running of events at the carnival. It is a condition of entry that a parent or carer of a child nominating for the Zone Championships MUST volunteer for at least one duty on each day a child of theirs is participating at the carnival. Expected timeslots for duties are shown on the entry form. Parents should indicate which timeslot(s) suit them best. The Committee reserves the right to allocate duties where the parent’s preferred duty time has already been allocated to someone else. The allocation of parent duties will be undertaken once we are advised of duties allocated to the Club and all athlete entries have been finalised.

Adamstown New Lambton Athletics Club will have shelters to provide shade for a number of our athletes and parents. It is generally the case that some families bring their own marquees or other form of shelter and this is much appreciated. Remember to bring some camp chairs along.

All athletes (and/or parents) are responsible for ensuring they do not miss their event. The Zone Carnival is run to a consecutive program, not a specified time slot per event. All events will be announced on the day (eg First Call, then Final Call). Our Committee members will be in attendance however most will be busy performing parent duties and other club level requirements and will not have time to co-ordinate the attendance of every athlete for every event. Make sure you know in advance the day of each event you or your child is participating in and ensure you leave plenty of lead time.


Entries must be made through the ANLAC Club using the approved form and close Tuesday November 12th.    NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Athletes from U/7 to U/12 can nominate for up to 4 events. Athletes from U/13 to U/17 can nominate for up to 6 events. 

To enter please complete the entry form below and either hand in at the Clubhouse on Friday November 8th or scan/photograph and email to

Entries will ONLY be accepted if the parent helper section is completed, including contact details.


A typical list of events and the order of the program is available here.

Please Note – Vi-Barnett Field is approximately 30min drive from Alder Park. Please ensure you allow enough time to arrive on site for your event.

What to Expect at the Zone Championships

Zone Championships are a great way to meet new friends and compete against other athletes in a friendly yet competitive environment. The nature of the competition is quite different from what you would experience at our regular Friday night competitions. Officiating in the events will be quite strict with all competitors expected to know the correct technique (particularly for shot put and the walk events) and this is why we try to instil correct technique on our Friday night competitions.

There will be 8 clubs represented at the Zone Championships so there will hopefully be a lot of people at the carnival. Since the carnival runs over 2 days most clubs set up in a common location and if you are bringing your own shelter it can be left overnight as there will be a security presence overnight on Saturday to ensure the equipment left out on Saturday evening is still there on Sunday morning. ANLAC will have two large shade shelters available for use by our athletes and families. More details on the ground configuration and what food and beverages will be available will be provided a little closer to the event.

The Zone Championships is the first step on the representative athletics ladder. The top 3 athletes in each event automatically qualify for the Regional Championships. A further 4 "next best" qualifiers are also selected from the remaining results across all the four Zone Championships in our Region (Region 2). Further details on selection for Regional Championships is available from the Little Athletics NSW website here. To progress to the Regional or State Championships you MUST compete at the Zone Championships. Any Athletes competing at the Pacific School Games or Australian All Schools Championships held at a similar time may be able to achieve an exemption based on current performance. Affected athletes / parents must contact the club well in advance of zone entries closing to address this issue.

One of the highlights for athletes that qualify for the Regional Championships is the option to purchase a shirt that recognises the athlete as a representative at the Regional Championships. The shirts must be ordered at the Zone Championships at a cost of ~$30 and will be available for collection at the Regional Championships. An ANLAC representative will be available at the Zone Championships to accept your shirt order. An image of a typical shirt is provided below. Sample sizes and final designs will be available at the Zone Championships to try on. If you have any further questions about the Zone Championships then please do not hesitate to ask one of the Committee Members on a Friday night.