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Region Championships

Due to extreme heat the Region 2 carnival has been postponed to February 8th and 9th. Further details can be found below.

For final details of the rescheduled carnival click here.

Saturday 8th list of events

Sunday 9th list of events



Important Information for Regional Carnival this weekend

With hot weather forecast for this weekend, the regional carnival organisers have decided to amend the timetable and the way most events are run.

The changes are:

1.The “not before times” will not be adhered to.  This is to try and get as many events completed as possible outside of the hottest part of the day. This means that events will 

2.All track events will be timed finals.  This means overall results will be based on the times in the separate heats, and no finals will be run.

3.All field events except High Jump will be 3 throw/jumps followed by 1 more for the top 8.

These changes are intended to improve safety for competitors and officials, and to minimise any delays that may be caused by the heat.

Events will still start at 7:45. 
The updated timetable can be found below:

The Region 2 Championships in 2020 is at the Hunter Sports Centre, Glendale, and will be held on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd February 2020. There is no general gate entry fee this year for spectators and family, however there is a fee of $15 per qualifying athlete and payment is to be made to our club at the canteen before the Championship weekend.

A few other key points for the Regional Championships are:

- Regional shirts and programs that have been ordered will be available for collection from an ANLAC representative on both days.
- ANLAC will have a number of shade shelters set up for both days located adjacent to the 1500 m start area.
- The carnival starts at 8am sharp on both days. Please make sure that you are there in plenty of time for your events
- Athletes competing in the first Field Events on both days will need to go straight to the event, there will be no marshalling for ONLY the first field events on both days.

For further details of the Region Championships please look here

Region Qualifiers:
The list of ANLAC Qualifiers is available here.

List of Events:

The program for Region 2 Championships can be found here.

Parent Duty Roster

The Parent Duty Roster will be available soon. Anyone who has more than one child attending or who did not undertake a duty at Zone may also have 2 duties on this weekend. The duties have been collated based around when the athletes are due to be on site, so there should be no issues with being in attendance at the right time.

Glendale Site Map:

The site map for Hunter Sports Centre can be found here. Please note the position of Track and Field Marshalling Tents