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Centre Uniform

The club colours are white, bottle green and red. The centre has club singlet tops and club monogrammed shorts available for sale at the canteen.

Singlets are priced at $30 each and the shorts are also priced at $30. 

Crop top style singlet and tights for the female athletes are also available for purchase for $30 each.

Normal Friday Competition Nights.

For normal Friday night competition the boys wear green shorts with either a club singlet or plain white T-shirt. For the girls green bike pants or shorts are acceptable along with either a club singlet, plain white T-shirt or crop top pictured above. Age, sponsor and registration patches must be affixed as per details below.

The registration number is located in the centre on the front of the shirt, singlet or crop top (with the outline still visible) and the age patch is attached to the top left front of the shirt, singlet or crop top or on the left hand side of the shorts or bike pants. A Coles sponsor patch must be affixed to the top front right of the shirt, singlet or crop top. All patches and numbers must be clearly visible when competing if the singlet or shirt is tucked in. Previous season registration numbers, age and sponsor patches are invalid and must be removed. New registration numbers, age and sponsor patches are issued at the time of registration at Alder Park.

Mattara Dery Cleaners can assist with sewing on numbers / patches for a small fee.

The registration number must be displayed on the shirt. Any athletes who have forgotten their shirt or number must report to the canteen and obtain a visitor number for the evening. The committee has a policy ‘NO NUMBER – NO RUN’, this way we can ensure all paper work is completed and results are able to be recorded.

Higher Level Carnivals
If an athlete wishes to compete at carnivals away from our normal Friday Night competitions then formal club uniform must be adhered to. This comprises green shorts and a club singlet for the boys. For the girls a club singlet or crop top with green bike pants, scungee’s or shorts. 


The following rules apply with regards to the use of running spikes (as directed by Little Athletics Australia):

1. Athletes in the U10 and below age groups may not wear spike shoes.

2. Athletes in the U11 - U12 age group may wear spike shoes in events run entirely in lanes, long jump, triple jump, high jump and javelin.

3. Athletes in the U13 - U15 age groups may wear spike shoes in all track events except walks. Spike shoes may also be worn for long jump, triple jump, high jump and javelin.

4. All spike shoes must be worn with all holes filled with a complete set of spikes, with no more than two blanks/slugs installed.

5. Spike shoes cannot be worn outside the defined “Field of Play” unless all spikes are suitably covered.

6. Any number of spikes up to 11 may be accommodated on each shoe, but the number of spike positions shall not exceed 11

7. Spike length (subject to any further constraint from ground policies):

a) Synthetic - Track - 7mm maximum Long Jump / Triple Jump / High Jump / Javelin - 9mm maximum

b) Grass - Track / Long Jump / Triple Jump /High Jump / Javelin - 12mm maximum